Can for-profits, government, or unincorporated groups apply? 

This was designed primarily with 501(c)3 organizations in mind, however, we understand that many efforts in communities to support the economic mobility of workers do not fall within this classification. If you do not have 501(c)3 status, you will need to show how you will support these resources, whether through a partnership with a nonprofit, or a nonprofit fiscal sponsor.

Can individuals apply for this? 

Individuals are not eligible to apply for this funding. 

Would a new organization qualify? 

This funding is not intended for starting up a new organization.

Is there a guideline on the size and/or budget of the applying organization?

The grant amount should be no more than 50% of an organization’s overall budget. We generally do not expect to make grants smaller than $50,000. There is no specific guideline on the size of an organization, it’s more important that organizations can demonstrate their ability to manage the grant amount. 

Are high income >$100k BIPOC households a group that is of interest or is the focus low to moderate income individuals?

The target population of this grant is for organizations serving those who are at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. 

Is there a geographic restriction for grants? 

Organizations just need to be doing work within the United States and its territories. We encourage and look for geographic diversity within selected grantees.. 

What is meant by a publicly committed set of racial equity goals?

Organizations must be committed to advancing racial equity, and this must be a visible part of their work whether it is through public statements explicitly, or in the language of how they describe their programs and services publicly. 

Grant use and benefits

Can this funding be used to expand on an existing project or is this solely for new ventures?

This funding can be used to either expand an existing project or help start a new project within your organization. It is important to note that this grant will not be general operating, so it will need to support a project aligned with the Elevate Initiative’s goals and mission.

What is the benefit to organizations receiving this grant? 

In addition to receiving grant funding, selected grantees will be a part of designing and participating in a community of practice to share and learn from this cohort of grantees and provide support for one another.

Can these funds be used for regranting?

It is possible that an applicant may re-grant some of the funds to their partners to implement a project, but re-granting should not be the primary goal of their proposal. In addition, the primary grant recipient will be responsible for participating in a community of learning collaborative with all grantees.


What is meant by demonstrable track record in economic mobility? 

Organizations applying should have experience working to advance the economic mobility of communities of color and Indigenous communities. A track record means that an organization is able to show or speak to past work or successes in this area.

What is meant by experience in workforce development?

We are re-working this language on the website as we understand that many may take this to mean the traditional workforce development system within their states. This isn’t all about traditional workforce development. We are seeking the variety of ways in which we know communities are addressing economic mobility in traditional and non-traditional ways. What we mean is that organizations applying should have experience working to advance the economic mobility of communities of color and Indigenous communities.

Application logistics

On the application, there are sections where I can submit a video or type in my answers. Can I submit either or do I have to submit both, a video and text answers?

You have the option to submit a video OR a written answer, but you may also decide to submit both. Your application will not be affected by the medium you choose, nor will it be affected if you choose both methods. This option is in recognition of the different strengths that leaders bring — some may be able to capture their thoughts in writing better, while some may feel more comfortable speaking. Please choose the method that you feel helps you answer the questions best.

Can I submit an application with a partner organization?

Yes, we encourage partnerships within applications. Only one organization will need to create an account to submit an application and you can include the name of other partner organizations in your response to questions. If you make it to the next round, we will have more detailed questions on plans for the partnership(s) and how the grant will be managed.

Are there any benefits to applying if I am not selected for a grant?

We are working with the Gates Foundation to explore opportunities to connect those who are not selected with other funders. We will share these opportunities as they become available. 

How much details and planning are you looking for in the response to the question regarding sustainability?

We are not looking for built-out plans, this round is focused on high-level responses to understand how your organization is thinking of funding sustainability as this is a one-year grant.